I cannot seem to fight with the maplestory2 Boss

I cannot seem to fight with the maplestory2 Boss

Beitragvon StevenCao » Do 24. Jan 2019, 06:36

Though this map will get pretty tiring Fangs are superb. (Personally, I invest 75-90 in Home Security System Research Center 3 at Edelstein because I try to have this 1 elite for Monster Collection.) This really is just another map that is employed and apparent! Scorps and Maplestory 2 Mesos buy sand Rats are great, the map is flat. Easy. Roids create the ideal substitute if Sahel II is packed, although that map frees me because the goods drop on top of platforms , creating irritating looting.If you don't enjoy Roids, Desert of Tranquility could work too!

Run Normal Zakum beneath x2 EXP, in a coupon or the rune. If you can't get rid of the human body eliminate the arms and leave! This is where the experience all is. You are able to do that for plenty of levels that are free . Grind inside the Apparatus Room Robos In case Zakum on this day has run! This room is barely burningoff, so in the event that you want a burning map, try another Robo rooms around the ground.Beginning at 100, if you are focused on grinding this particular character, you need to be operating Monster Park two times each day for several free EXP. You are able to typically do amounts which are levels facing you, based on your course.

Because it's good OK spawn Hidden Portals and the ideal spot to relax or Kishin this map is scrumptious for every class. You are able execute the signal that is different publish quests around Folk City to obtain amounts or to grind directly here. I suggest doing the signposts in order to Goblin House. Lots of men and women spend a ass quantity of time in Kerning Tower for the reason that SF field, but we're too for yours. This map works! Starting at 160, a little split according to your choice.

An shitton of individuals choose to grind it on Grey Luxury Saucers at Maplestory M Mesos Omega Sector, which is do-able and OK, within the area that is non-SF. As for me, I receive restless in maps for hrs and hrs. I suggest popping back here once you get tired of these maps below, and grinding here. (This map was once good until 200, though, a current EXP change made the profit from 190-200 not too good no more.)
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Re: I cannot seem to fight with the maplestory2 Boss

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