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CBD Relive Oil A cross-sectional examine on Magnitude of Geriatric Health Problems in a Rural Area of Singur, West Bengal. R Panigrahi, P Das , A Dan, A Datta Paper in Indian journal of Hygiene and public Health (Vol three, Issue2, Dec 2017, ISSN ). Rural Health Unit & Training Centre (RHU & TC), Singur began as ommunity well being staff in Bihar, who perform this task, are low on coaching and schooling. To equip them with the abilities, BBC Media Action educated neighborhood well being employees on interpersonal communication as a part of its Shaping Demand and Practices project. Complementing to the well being care service provided within the center, RHTC serves for the training of medical undergraduates, postgraduates and nursing & MSW college students. The center features as a analysis coaching facility for postgraduate students, Undergraduate ICMR tasks. ... /06/142731
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