Iran out but conquered the world

Iran out but conquered the world

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Portugal's match against Iran was unexpected. No one thought that Portugal with Ronaldo would face such a big difficulty with an Asian team. Under Iran and Morocco, the team’s two strong teams were at the last moment. There is a danger of going out. It must be said that the performance of the Iranian adidas ultra boost femme team has long been the face of Asian football.

At the last moment of the game, Tharimi got the chance to create a miracle. At the time, Iran's backcourt was long and Azmen headed for a ferry. Godos stopped the ball 18 meters from the door and was blocked by a low line. Talimi left 8 meters from the door left foot on the edge of the net, if this ball can enter, Iran will score 6 points for the first place, and Portugal will fall to the third out.

The Spanish “Aspen” commented after the match that despite Iran’s eventual loss of its final hope, they did not lose their dignity. The resistance of the weak teams did not succeed, but they still had the chance to reach the top 16 until the last moment. The Iranians not only frightened Portugal but also frightened Spain in another game.

In this World Cup, Iran performed very well. In the first match against Morocco, Iran’s tactics were highly unified. The player's high scoring pressure on the field and active defense. The Moroccan players have always been unable to effectively link up. Although Morocco has always had an advantage in the possession rate and success rate of passing, there are only a handful of attacks that can really reach the hinterland of Iran. In the end, Iran won the match with a 0-1 goal to help the Asian team to end 16 games.

In the second game against Spain, Iran put out an array of iron barrels. Their possession rate is very low and the number of shots is very low. However, Spain, which appears to be fully dominant, has air max 95 pas cher never been able to find a good way to break. In most of the game, 11 people from the Iranian team collectively withdrew their defense in this field, which also made Spain's offensive incomprehensible. The powerful Spain eventually won with just a bit of luck from Diego Costa.

In the third game against Portugal, the Iranian team once again made their opponents very uncomfortable. Their tactics were very successful. They even prevented the C Ronald who had been overwhelming. Quaresma's goal was a super-world wave, and it was difficult for Portugal to get a decent shot. In the case of 0 to 1 behind, the Iranian team still played with no urgency. The Iranian team's fighting spirit, fight and tactics not only limited the overall play of Portugal, but also allowed Ronaldo to play the most mediocre game of the World Cup.

In the second half, Ronaldo lost penalty kicks to keep the Iranian team hopeful, and Ronaldo was not displeased with the red card. In addition to fighting with the referees, Iran also fights against its own destiny. They did not accept the role played by the public opinion to be eliminated. At the last moment, they adidas prophere pas cher still had the chance to advance.

Japan played its own style, but Iran also showed its own personality. In the same group as Spain and Portugal, Iran can fight to the last moment and almost miracles. It is also worth learning from Chinese football.
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