Rewarded a fraction of the wow classic gold

Rewarded a fraction of the wow classic gold

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Server mob AI that is private , pathing, etc is broken up af. Hyenas in Desolace are farmed by mages on private servers but in retail Vanilla they had been running about the area and they each rewarded a fraction of the wow classic gold
XP of ordinary mobs as they also had a fraction of their HP. A lot of mobs lack spawn points and patrol paths.

I have played completely on Private Servers for nearly 10 years beginning 2007 in Classic if the first servers came to life and many zones were only empty without a NPCs at all, Levelcap back then was 37 and everything was spawned by Hand. Mobs didnt have charms (most dinosaurs had a spell with a different ID), directors didnt have scripts, hell instances came afterwards.

It was an active little servers with a couple dedicated developers and their database formerly was even stolen and spread online as it was more sophisticated than most others. I met quite a number of the Developers and was quite active and basically, whatever information we can find, we can fill a bugreport and things got repaired. This lead to the server using a huge database ontop of their Mangos database that is standard.

In my conciousness, there was really a little theorycrafting back then, as the others pointed out: Elitist Jerks, Shadowpanther,nighthaven wow gold
, shadowpriest forums, even for us even"buffed" were invaluable sources of information, I think that a lot about armor was known, since there were managers which were wild animals thqat hunters could inspect.
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