Youth Marcus Williams Jersey

Youth Marcus Williams Jersey

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Everson Griffen was back at practice with the Minnesota Vikings for the first time in almost six weeks Youth Marcus Williams Jersey , a significant point of progress in returning to his spot at right defensive end and re-establishing his pass-rushing and run-stopping skills in a game setting for the NFC North leaders.The first and most important step, though, was acknowledging his need for mental health treatment in the tough-guy environment of football that has long fostered a mindset of powering through a problem."Sometimes you've just got to put your pride aside and know when enough is enough. Sometimes you've got to take it upon yourself and know when enough is enough and when you can't handle it," Griffen said.Griffen was a full participant in the workout on Wednesday afternoon, but coach Mike Zimmer said the decision about whether he'd play for the Vikings (4-2-1) on Sunday night against New Orleans would be made at the end of the week. Stephen Weatherly has started in Griffen's place at right end for the past five games."I feel good. I was able to work out and do the things I have to do, but playing this game of football, it requires more than just working out," Griffen said. "You've got to push somebody, hit somebody, get your timing back."Though Griffen's reintegration with the defense will be gradual, his welcome by the team was not."It felt great to see my guys, man. I love each and every one of my teammates, and it was just good to see the smiles on their face," said Griffen, who was taken by ambulance to a hospital on Sept. 22 after a scary series of incidents around the Twin Cities when he threatened violence in a hotel lobby and made repeated comments about people trying to kill him."I had a lot of support from my family Marcus Williams Jersey Stitched , the Minnesota Vikings, the doctors, my teammates, the fans, and you know I want to give my apologizes to people I impacted. I'm sorry if I affected them in any type of way," Griffen said."I'm just excited to get back here with my team and get back to the grind of things. It's been hard to be away, but I'm happy to be back. It's a good feeling right now, and I'm taking one day at a time and one thing at a time to get things back on track."Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said the organization was in communication with Griffen's medical team throughout his hiatus, relying on the professional recommendations regarding his return."This is an illness," Zimmer said, "and he's done a good job of helping to get better and continues to try to get better. He is probably going to have to continue to do that, just like we all have to do in life."Griffen politely declined to discuss in detail his treatment plan or specific issues, but said he'd do so in the future to use his public platform as way to positively influence the millions of Americans who struggle with some form of mental illness."You need to ask for help. You need to go out there and find a good support team and do the right things to be able to take care of yourself," Griffen said.Seeking and maintaining a work-life balance was a daily goal that Griffen frequently mentioned during a 10-minute session with reporters, his first such appearance since playing at Green Bay on Sept. 16 in the second game of the season."I learned a lot about the man outside of football. I had a lot of time to reflect on my life and where I want to go and the decisions I made Youth Alvin Kamara Jersey ," he said.Make no mistake, though: Being back in the meeting rooms and on the practice field with the Vikings was a cathartic experience."It was awesome, man. Just getting back to life in general, driving my car, doing all the little things," Griffen said. "You've got to appreciate the little things in life." Tom Brady didn't have to beat Aaron Rodgers in only their second head-to-head matchup to prove he's the best quarterback of all time.The GOAT did it, anyway.Brady threw for 294 yards and one touchdown to lead the New England Patriots to a 31-17 victory over Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers on Sunday night.Rodgers had 259 yards passing and two TDs.It wasn't a vintage performance for either quarterback. Brady tossed six straight incomplete passes at one point, and he couldn't get the Patriots in the end zone on four tries from the 1 with the score tied in the third quarter. Still, he posted a passer rating of 99.0 on a night when he didn't have star tight end Rob Gronkowski and leading rusher Sony Michel.The game was billed as the most talented QB vs. the most accomplished QB. Some considered that statement a slight against Brady. It's not. Rodgers is immensely gifted with a strong, accurate arm and scrambling ability. He makes plays with his legs that Brady can't. He makes throws few players ever could make, whether he's on the run like the 24-yard pass to Marquez Valdes-Scantling on a third-and-1 late in the third quarter, or if he's flat-footed, falling down, throwing across his body or heaving desperation passes into the end zone.Brady has a different style. He's a drop-back passer with underrated pocket mobility and perfect mechanics, and he simply outsmarts everyone else on the field. He fooled a pair of defenders with his eyes by looking as if he was throwing a screen pass and instead fired deep for a 55-yard TD pass to Josh Gordon to seal the win.But John Elway and Steve Young also belong in the "most talented" conversation Alvin Kamara Jersey Stitched , so it's not even a slam dunk that title belongs to Rodgers. Michael Vick wasn't nearly as well-rounded, but he could throw a 70-yard touchdown pass with a simple flick of his left wrist or he could sprint 70 yards for a score at any point in a game. He has a case for the "most talented" debate if it's based purely on physical skills. It won't be long before Patrick Mahomes has to be considered, too.However, the "greatest of all time" argument ended when Brady rallied the Patriots from a 28-3 third-quarter deficit against the Falcons to win his fifth Super Bowl title on Feb. 5, 2017."He's got five championships," Rodgers said earlier in the week when asked the GOAT question. "I think that ends most discussions."Rodgers is one of the best to play the game and he may be the "most talented," but he doesn't belong in the "greatest of all time" conversation. It's Brady. Then Joe Montana. Peyton Manning deserves a mention. So does Drew Brees.Brady has eight Super Bowl appearances. He won his third regular-season MVP award last year at age 40 and he has four Super Bowl MVP awards in his trophy case. He's still at the top of his game at 41, seven years older than Rodgers.Over 19 seasons, Brady has set numerous records and he notched another milestone against the Packers when he surpassed Manning for the most combination passing, rushing and receiving yards in the regular-season and playoffs.So while the Sunday Night Football crew enjoyed hyping the matchup and even got Michael Jordan involved by having the six-time NBA champion record a promo saying "the best way to settle this debate is to play it out head to head," Brady already earned the title way before helping New England (7-2) to its sixth straight win.Brady is the greatest quarterback of all time and he's still proving it every week.
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