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Acetone is also found as an additive to the cigarette; yes, that is the stuff you use to remove your nail polish. Tar is inhaled into the lungs when a person is smoking. When a person smokes one pack or more a day, they are depositing about one to 1 ½ master keto diet pounds of tar into their lungs yearly. Benzene is known to cause cancer. It is also used as a solvent in dyes and fuel. And this is all found in a cigarette.Nicotine is what is in the cigarette; it is the main ingredient of cigarettes. Our blood absorbs it and gives us a rush to the brain. Nicotine produces dopamine in the brain in ten seconds. Dopamine makes you happy and it is very addictive. This is the rush that people look for when they smoke a cigarette, which is why people go through withdrawal periods when trying to stop smoking. ... _todo_tour
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