General Electric And Pandora's Box

General Electric And Pandora's Box

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GE's ongoing troubles remind me of the myth of pandora berlocker.

The January 16 "Insurance Update" convinced me that GE is no longer a dividend growth opportunity.

I closed my GE position and redeployed those funds into more shares of 3 dividend stocks in the portfolio.
That was then...

I've written 3 articles about General Electric (GE). The first was a June 2017 article which asked if pandora ringar was in a position to succeed. If I had known then what I now know, I would have said, "Possibly, but it will be a tough hill to climb."

My October 2017 article, "Clarity About The GE Dividend," was an attempt to inject some humor into a difficult topic (the 50% dividend cut), and my bottom line was the I now viewed GE as "cash available for deployment." Several of my friends said I should have turned it into cash then. They were right. As other opportunities arose, I asked myself, "Would I rather spend cash to buy this stock or would I rather sell some GE to buy this stock?" I sold 20% of my GE shares in mid-November at $18.28 and used that money to pandora berlocker of Magellan Midstream Partners (MMP) at $65.00.

A November 2017 article reviewed the November 13 Investor Update. I was more critical of GE (perhaps "sober" is a better word). The seriousness of the situation was obvious, but I like the approach new pandora ringar is taking. I'm positive about the new CEO, Jamie Miller.

After that article, I sold 25% of my remaining GE shares at $18.41, and used the proceeds to add more shares of National Retail Properties (NNN) at $41.80.
...This is now.
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