Graham Chronofighter Vintage 2CVAS.U01A Replica Watch

Graham Chronofighter Vintage 2CVAS.U01A Replica Watch

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What's new with graham watches replica?

Our strategy is to propose a destructive product. We noticed that whenever we do something a bit avant-garde, whenever we do something more classic and traditional, it doesn't necessarily be as successful as we hope. So now we are focusing on the Chronofighter series, we have some new watches, but the most important one is the Swordfish we relaunched this year.

Then why are you stopping production?
We are experiencing a fake version. At that time, it was much more difficult to control this in China from 2007 to 2008. Therefore, around 2011-2012, I decided to stop production and make the counterfeiters lose money. It was a cruel decision, but it allowed me to keep the product for the future, because at the time we didn't have enough financial power to protect ourselves from the counterfeiters.

At the same time, thanks to the support of the Swiss Federation of Watchmaking Industries, legislation to prevent counterfeiting has been improved and we have gained better control and therefore lower risk. But 10 years ago it was indeed a disaster, and its entire brand was damaged. I almost feel like a colleague because we know the source of these watches and how they are delivered, but we have not done watches replica

The decision to stop producing Swordfish has had a huge financial impact on the company, but it makes us come back now because we know there is demand.

So what about your other main series, Chronofighter?
We sold a total of 25 pieces with a retailer one night, which is not bad for watches worth more than 8,000 Swiss francs. I think our budget forecast for this year may double, so this is also good news.

The Chronofighter Superlight model is very technical and we have models that weigh less than 100 grams. This is the technical aspect of the brand. We want to keep these models below 100 grams as much as possible. Believe it or not, a white rubber strap is more difficult to achieve because the pigments used for rubber coloring are actually heavier than others. It has nothing to do with the rubber itself, it is only related to the pigment, only these can produce a difference of three grams, which is very important for watches that need less than 100 grams.imitation watches

You made a provocative Brexit watch - why?

Whether it is music, literature or modern art, I am an absolute pro-British faction... This has always influenced my choice over the years. Of course, I am Swiss and I am very proud. But I have always liked the British, their humor and freedom.

That's why Brexit has fascinated me. I deliberately want to make the British Brexit watch a provocation. We noticed that it caused controversy. I don't think the British are doing a favor for themselves, but in any case it will eventually become a reality. People think that they need to change, but they are not ready for a solution, which is usually British.

This is one of the biggest political struggles in Europe since the end of the Second World War, and it fascinates me. The strange thing is that what fascinates me seems to eventually enter the brand in some replica watches review
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