What do you are making of Rocket Leagues new mode

What do you are making of Rocket Leagues new mode

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What do you are making of Rocket League's new mode? Are you still hopelessly addicted to Rocket League Items punting a ball around with a multi-colored car sporting a hat? Drop your mind inside the comments below.

We're going to say it: we informed you so. We have been campaigning for a PlayStation four port of Rocket League – which become at the beginning introduced for the PC – lengthy earlier than developer Psyonix confirmed it simply previous to PlayStation Experience remaining year, and now it is blown up. Reddit is flooded with GIFs from the beta, while Push Square Towers has been appreciably greater animated of overdue, as team members re-enact all of their first-class goals in the workplace kitchen. Considering simply how famous the title's grow to be, we thought that we'd capture up with the developer's director of advertising and communications Jeremy Dunham [Beyond! – Ed] to speak about the sport in a bit extra detail.

Push Square: Lots of digital video games war to nurture an energetic on-line community, but Rocket League's predecessor Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars (!!!) is still popular to LOLGA this very day. What do you believe you studied has been the name of the game to the title's enduring success on the PlayStation three?
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