Clash Royale October Update Feature

Clash Royale October Update Feature

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Cheap Clash Royale Gems Due to the way the system was set up in the past new Clash Royale cards had to be placed into the game code ahead of their actual releases. This meant savvy players could dig through the code and find the artwork and other details about the new cards well ahead of their releases. According to Bangs however the system has finally been changed so that upcoming cards can no longer be found in the code ahead of the release. This will allow Supercell to keep more of an air of intrigue around new card releases and surprise players with new character sneak peeks closer to their actual release. While there was no indication that new characters will be released with the October update with this new system in place it’s possible we could be in for a surprise there as well.

New 1v1 Rewards - Rewards are getting a total makeover in the October update starting with 1v1 rewards. “Currently the same prize is available in 1v1 and 2v2 modes” said Banks” which removes the incentive to play in 1v1 mode.”In order to get more people playing 1v1 again the team is changing the rewards system by introducing special Gold Rush and Gem Rush events exclusive to 1v1 gameplay. When these events are running 1v1 players will receive either gold or gems for every tower they take down during a battle regardless of it they win or lose.

Quests - New incentives for playing 1v1 aren’t all the new rewards we’ll see.Buy Clash Royale Gems In addition Quests will finally make their way into the game. By completing quests players will have the opportunity to win Magical Super Magical and Epic chests. New quests will appear each day and while the team will introduce 100 quests in the initial release more are being planned and will be added in later updates.
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