Path of Exile will bring some visual improvements with Delve

Path of Exile will bring some visual improvements with Delve

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What's next for Path of Exile now that players have taken on the isle of Wraeclast's greatest dangers, explored new worlds, and even ventured across time and space? It's time to dive into the unknown, where darkness grows thicker the farther one goes. There's a mine that's ripe for exploration and that's the premise for Path of Exile: Delve, the latest expansion for Grinding Gear Games' long-running dungeon crawling RPG. Delve will contain the game's first infinite dungeon.

In the upcoming Delve expansion--set for release August 31 on PC and September 3 on Xbox One--players will discover a vast and ever-growing dungeon known as the Azurite Mine, which houses rare minerals and lost treasures from the lost ages. In this sprawling cavern, the titular Azurite mineral comes in abundance, which can be turned into the merchant above ground for new upgrades to your character that aid them during their descent. But unlike the other dungeons that you'll come to find in PoE, the Azurite Mine is shrouded in an oppressive darkness, devouring those that stay within its grasp for too long.

Players can begin exploring Delve content within the game's first act. Niko the Mad will offer his machine in return for Voltaxic Sulphite, a new resource which appears all around Wraeclast. The more Sulphite you have, the deeper you can go into the mines. You can choose to do quick Delves early on, or stockpile the Sulphite for a mammoth session later. Niko will be around to provide fast transport to the mine, so you won't have to wait long before getting to this new content. Best and Cheapest Path of Exile Currency For Sale For Sale -

Leave the safety of the Crawler’s light and you’ll take damage, enough to kill you in seconds. But there will also be plenty of areas to explore away from the cart’s illumination – so how do you get that loot without succumbing to the abyss? You can equip Flares that will temporarily light up new areas in the Delve, allowing you to explore beyond the Crawler’s path and acquire more treasure. The trade-off is simple: if your Flares burn out then you’re doomed.

As the Crawler moves through the dungeon, players will spy all sorts of treasures waiting in the darkness. You can risk trying to grab them for extra sweet loot, but each second spent away from the light will rapidly drain your health. What's worse, monsters will try to ambush you and keep you from making it back to the Crawler in time. It's a tense game of risk versus reward at every step, especially if you're like me and hate the idea of leaving treasure behind.

Path of Exile will bring some visual improvements with Delve, too. It now supports shadowed illumination (using global illumination and ambient occlusion), and this should make the new infinite dungeon and all other areas look more striking.
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