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With just over 3 Youth Linval Joseph Jersey ,000 votes having been cast in our poll from yesterday, less than a quarter of Minnesota Vikings fans would bring back linebacker Anthony Barr in 2019 over defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson or letting both of those players walk. For his part, Barr certainly appears to be open to the possibility of moving on.Your browser does not support HTML5 video.In speaking with TMZ. . .yes, I know. . .Barr said that he loves Minnesota, but will be signing wherever he thinks he has the best fit.Barr has often said that he plays better going forward than going backward, and presumably that means he’d be happier playing in a scheme that would see him doing more rushing the passer than playing in coverage. Since coming to Minnesota, he’s been an outside linebacker in the team’s 4-3 base defense http://www.authenticsminnesotavikings.com/cheap-mike-remmers-jersey , and the talk that he would spend more time going after the quarterback (and even spending some time as a defensive end) never really materialized in 2018.Barr is likely going to command a very big contract this offseason, and if he would like to take his talents to a team that will allow him to do that, even if that’s as a 3-4 outside linebacker type, he would be able to do that. At this point, I’m not sure how optimistic I’d be about #55 coming back to Minnesota next year. But, there’s a lot that can happen between now and mid-March when the new league year starts.Daily Norseman NFL Pick ‘Em is coming soon Sometime in the next week or so, we’ll be opening the sign-ups for our annual Daily Norseman NFL Pick ‘Em and Survivor Football Leagues White Dalvin Cook Jersey , so that fans of the Minnesota Vikings can pit their NFL knowledge against one another. As we’ve done every year, we’ll give everyone a heads-up as to when the doors will open, and at that time we’ll provide everyone with the group name/ID number and password so that folks can start signing up.This year, however, we’d like a little bit of input on one of the parameters for one of those pools.Every year we’ve done the Pick ‘Em pool, we’ve gone with just straight-up picks, without the point spreads being involved. This year White Ben Gedeon Jersey , we’re wondering whether or not we should implement the spread into the picks. It would certainly add a different element to things, and while I have no doubt that we would rapidly reach the 100 participants that Yahoo! Sports limits the pool to every year, the point spread might make people more or less willing to toss their hat in the ring as part of the pool.So, we’re going to put this to you folks out there. We’ll leave the poll on this one open for a few days, and then get the pool set up in accordance with what everyone decides.With that, what’s your take on implementing point spreads into this year’s Daily Norseman NFL Pick ‘Em Pool?
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