MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty Rewards Revealed

MLB The Show 19 Diamond Dynasty Rewards Revealed

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Fantasy collection modes practically have to implement some kind of grind in order to balance the mode for players who don’t want to spend real money, giving them a chance to earn the best players. MLB the Show 18 provided multiple paths for players to get the players they coveted in its Diamond Dynasty mode, but for players such as Immortals or the Team Epics Programs, the grind was particularly crushing (which we covered in our MLB the Show 19 Wishlist). This, as well as the presence of souvenirs – which were like a dreaded third currency – hampered the mode last year.

When MLB The Show 19 arrives on PlayStation 4 later this month, it will come with a returning Diamond Dynasty mode. This time, though, the online mode will come with a series of improvements and changes, such as XP rewards, a Signature Series, and better rewards.

Road to the Show, the popular create a player mode, is receiving a fairly substantial tuneup in MLB The Show 19. For starters, when creating your player, you’re no longer limited to a certain number of attribute points. If you want your player to be 99-rated in every single stat category, you can do that. Purists may scoff at that, as it removes a large part of the character progression, those who have played Road to the Show know that it’s often a long road to becoming even an average ballplayer in the mode. So now the option to speed up the process is available, if you so choose. Best and Cheapest MLB The Show 19 Stubs For Sale -

Next up is Team Affinity. In the all-new Team Affinity section of MLB The Show 19, you earn rewards while you rack up innings with players from your favorite teams. The more innings you collect, the more team-specific awards you will earn. This should be a very popular mode for gamers who can collect more items than before just by playing their favorite teams.

Perhaps the most exciting announcement for Diamond Dynasty was the reveal of the all-new Signature Series, a set of rare and powerful unlockable players. Sony only briefly teased this new card set, with more details likely coming on Thursday, March 14; but, it sounds like you’re going to have to hunt down autographs for past legends, like Willie Mays, in order to unlock these players for your squad.

Are you ready to track down autographs? You need to be for this new series mode. The creators teased the Signature Series mode the least, which means on Thursday, March 14 they will probably go into greater detail. While they mentioned many all-time greats, the only autograph reveal was Willie Mays. The card looks awesome and this mode surely will be a popular one.
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